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Pure Barre July Challenge: Classes 1-4


So I’ve never done back to back days at Pure Barre before, and before starting this challenge I was really nervous about pushing myself without many breaks. Even after  6 months of classes under my belt, the classes can still be brutal, I’m still super sore the next day. In fact, the few days before signing up to do the challenge I indulged myself with a few days of total sloth just to get ready for it. Pizza.The Wire. Couch. Yes, please.

My first class I sauntered in all-sass, knowing the drill, and thought that I’d relatively breeze through what was about to happen to me. I was wrong, and was humbled by a thigh and seat breaking class that left me doubting I could finish the rest of the challenge. Sweat-soaked and defeated I slunk back to my car where I turned on the AC and thought about getting a consolatory Pinkberry.

The very next day was my first consecutive class, and I tip toed in feeling incredibly nervous that I would even be able to finish the class. I wondered, “Has anyone ever had to leave class to barf from exhaustion??” To stop myself from wondering if I’d be the first girl to befoul the Pure Potty (yes that’s what it is actually called, hilarious) I wanted to talk to an expert.  I struck up a conversation with the girl next to me who I knew was a long-time barre veteran who said “You definitely can do this, I find the classes are easier if you come more often.” Her encouragement made me feel awesome, but I didn’t know if my body would react in the way that hers did to this kind of punishment. I finished the class, and felt way better about my chances of completing this thing. The Barre veteran was right, somehow it is easier if you just keep going.

The morning of day 3 I woke up with what appeared to be hockey pucks in my legs instead of my calf muscles. When I walked I expected to hear the “ching….ching…ching…” of Old West style spurs on my heels as I hobbled into my bathroom. It’s not particularly painful, just weird.


What’s that noise? That’s some girls’ jacked up calves. Don’t worry John Wayne.

I’ve now pushed through classes 3 and 4, and there is a teeny, tiny glimmer of pride building up with each finished class.

Just warning you guys, there will be no living with me if I successfully complete this challenge.

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